Fara í efni

Department of Archaeology

The Department of Archaeology of the Skagfjörður Heritage Museum was established in 2003 and is responsible for and promotes research on cultural relics in Skagafjörður and elsewhere in Iceland. The work of the department is of significant importance for the professional work of the museum and its image, as well as strengthening it for more diverse research, professional processing, and better heritage protection.

The department's research activities within Skagafjörður are marked by the museum's research policy. Emphasis is placed on creating knowledge about the Skagafjörður heritage environment, both through primary research and the processing and integration of research that has been carried out in the region, with the aim of building regional knowledge, promoting interest and awareness of history and the environment, and increasing the number of opportunities to use cultural heritage , e.g. in tourism. Emphasis is also placed on research collaboration with various parties, both within the province and outside as well as with foreign parties.
Research creates new knowledge and is a prerequisite for education and dissemination, but the department's research is passed on, e.g. on the website, social media, with coverage in the media, in the form of lectures, research reports, written articles in both academic and general publications, and by making exhibitions.
Due to the competitive environment of archaeological research in Iceland, the operation of the department is financially separate from the museum and its financial management is not connected to its other activities. The Department of Archaeology is not, any more than the museum, run for profit.
An overview of the department's publication can be accessed here.
Information about the department's staff can be found here.