The Skagafj÷r­ur Heritage Museum (Bygg­asafn Skagfir­inga) was established in 1948, following the departure of the last inhabitants at the GlaumbŠr old farm house in 1947. The museumĺs first exhibition at the GlaumbŠr turf farm opened in 1952. This farmhouse corresponds to the typical buildings used in Iceland for centuries. The turf house currently exhibits artifacts focusing on rural daily life in the 18th and 19th century.

On the museum grounds of GlaumbŠr are also present twoá19thácentury timber houses: ┴sh˙s and Gilsstofa. These houses are a reminder of how timber houses were built in the region at the time. ┴sh˙s includes exhibitions of every day items ranging from the 1920s to 1950sáand the tea room in ┴sh˙sáwhicháserves traditional Icelandic delicacies. Gilsstofa houses the museum's offices and is not open to the publicá

Together, this complex of three buildings form a powerful reminder of life up to theá20thácentury in rural Iceland.

GlaumbŠr. ┴sh˙s og Gilsstofa.
GlaumbŠr old turf farm Gilsstofa and ┴sh˙sá

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