The old plate

If you want to taste a traditional Icelandic food we offer you taste of new skyr, sour, smoked and salted meat, dried fish and wafer-thin laufabrau­ (leaf-bread). Shark is on the plate if you dare to taste it and one shot of BrennivÝn.

Drying and smoking were simple methods of preserving food, as we did in Iceşland, but the most common method of storage was in whey, a by-product of the proşduction of skyr. The use of whey developed from the earlişest days of Icelandic history, in the cool winter climate of Iceland, whey was an ideal preşservaştive. The high price of salt made salting prohibitşively exşpensşive, while winter temperaştures were not low enough to make freezing foods a reliable option.

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